Spacebar drops cc1 to minimum? Weird bug...


I’m still using Cubase 8 Elements and the Pro 8.5 is bought and on the way but I’m having a very weird bug right now.

When I presse the spacebar for playback, It starts and plays but when I press it again to stop playback, it seems to send a midi CC to CC1 and drops my modulation to close to zero. On my Hollywood Strings, it first seemed like the juste muted but I realised with another library that it drops CC1 to close to nothing.

What is up with that? I’ve looked at the key commands to see if spacebar was assigned to anything else but it’s not. I’m coming from Ableton Live and in Live, there is a key bed in the top right that can toggle on/off the PC keyboard’s midi signal. Is there a equivalent in Cubase?


François Beauvais