SPACEBAR funcionality - stop cursor from rewinding when stops playing

as an option in preferences
stop cursor from rewinding when press spacebar to stops playing, next press spacebar - play from the last start position

sometimes (often) during listening you just hit the spacebar to make changes in midi editor or audio clip in that specific place. Unfortunately after stop, playhead cursor rewinds itself (with all editor pages) to start position and you have to manually go back to place where you just wanted to make some edits.

there is an option: not to rewind cursor after stop, but it also affects last start position.

in short
After press spacebar once: stop playhead cursor, press spacabar again: rewind playhead cursor and start play from last start position

I might be misunderstanding you and I’m new to Cubase, but spacebar does pause the playhead without rewinding for me.

For rewinding I have to press numpad 1 to go back to the left locator, numpad 0 once to pause and a second time to rewind the last little section played, numpad - + for rewind/fast forward or shift + b to go to previous marker.

But there is definitely no ‘auto rewind’ happening on my system.

Edit - think I get what you mean. If the left locator is often your start position when editing, then Space to pause, numpad 1 to go back to start position. If you don’t have a numpad I guess you could reassign it to control+space or something.

Preferences / Transport / Return to start position on Stop

Oh, I got your point. Might be interesting to make transport smarter on an editing scenario.


I made a macro to do this.
When I press space, the cursor goes back to the started position (the way you don’t like) and when I press Alt + space I have a macro that do this:

  • Toggle Return to start position on Stop
  • Stop
  • Return to start position on Stop

This way you can have both worlds at the same time:)

Great idea, I’m gonna use that, thanks for sharing!

I use “+” and “-” for nudge 1 frame when editing for video. When you press it while playing, it will stop, so when I want the cursor to get back where it begun, I press space, and when I want it to stay where it is, I press “-”

  • thanks! thats nice one!