Spacing Bars - Making All Bars Same Size - Help

I tried to dig the forum for the solution but without success.
I’m composing for a big band (16 players), and I’m facing bars width problems.
Any bar has a different size. How can I fix it? I mean a solution that dowsn’t inculde manually action like going to Engrave mode and start to pushing handels…

For example:


In this example, it looks like there’s just a few too many bars on this page to fit comfortably. Some bars are quite squished horizontally because of the limited horizontal space overall, and the fact that some bars (e.g. 2-3 on this page in the drum set part) require a certain amount of space that can’t be compressed, causing space compression elsewhere to accommodate.

Do you have a fixed casting off setting, or have you perhaps manually controlled system breaks? The staff size can also play a role, although that looks about OK for the page size.

Thanks for your respond Lillie
I need it to be at least 7/8 bars on the full score. I set it to 8 in the casting off setting.
didn’t use system breaks.

I want to make it seem like this PDF I have

Ah, is that original source formatted to fit 2 systems on each page? (assuming portrait orientation)

If so, reducing the staff size a bit to allow for 2 systems on each page will also let up to 8 bars fit more comfortably in the available width, as everything will be a bit smaller.

Every bar should be a different size, if it has different note values in it.

Reduce staff size
make page horizontal
Make layout uniform with 8 bars per page

Nestico’s Hayburner, I recognize that one! In those hand copied scores, the barlines often were drawn evenly before the music was copied. Even spacing where every bar is the same width isn’t a desirable thing with engraved music. Obviously it has to look better than your original post, but Lillie and searchforanswer have already given the answers on how to fix that.

BTW, you can set the clef for Baritone Sax to show in Bass clef when in Concert pitch if you want so you don’t have to deal with the ledger lines.