spacing between lyrics mixed up

second line spoils spacing of lyrics from 1. line. (see attached picture). As long as I only had the first line the spacing was ok.

Anyone an idea? A bug?
Bildschirmfoto 2017-01-06 um 02.03.04.png

Have you though about changing the alignment of the l’heur syllable to left justified in the lyric syllable’s Properties to see if that helps?

I guess “c’est l’heure” is the problem!!!

Have you forced the format of this system using system breaks and/or the “make into system” command? If so, then I suggest you delete the system break(s) to allow Dorico to space the music on its own, and you should find that the lyrics no longer collide. If that’s not the case, please zip up and attach the project here and I’ll happily take a look.

Hi Daniel, here is the score. Thanks for making care and a late all the best for the New Year. Hope you could recreate yourself…
Cantique de Noël (443 KB)

Thanks for the project. It looks like there’s a little bug here, which I will ask Andrew, our lyrics and spacing expert, to look into. In the meantime, if you go into Engrave mode and drag either the “c’est” or “l’heu” syllables left or right a tiny amount, the spacing will snap into better positions and that result should be stable.