Spacing causes collisions by default

This keeps happening by default, how do I stop it?
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That shouldn’t be happening by default. Could you please attach a minimal project that reproduces the problem? Thanks.

I’ve attached the file now. I made some spacing changes, but things are still not looking optimal in the 1st system (cello). The rest is just too close to the notes there. There used to be a few more in the project but I worked those out. This is the only one I have not figured out

You simply have too much in that system, so Dorico can’t space it out any more. Your system is 117% full, which is as high as I’ve ever seen.

Use manual note spacing. Note in the gif below that I’m selecting the circular handle, which moves the rest without changing the voice column spacing for all staves.

Since this is un-metered anyways, I’d space out the notes as well.

You shouldn’t use this feature too often… only when needed. This is an unusual example.

In this case, the simplest solution is to delete the other note spacing changes you’ve made, and reduce your space size to 5. It’s Size 3 at present, which is too big for a score anyways.