Spacing Curio

This was easily worked round in this case, but any idea what caused this. I just wanted the 16 bar rest on that line. I settled for it to be with music on the previous.
Rest anomaly.png

edit: sorry, misunderstood the question.

I’m not in front of Dorico right now but my guess is that in Engraving Options there’ll be a minimum width for a multirest. You probably need to fiddle with it.

I’d need to see the project itself to make any sense of this. It looks as if the system has been indented using the note spacing tools in Engrave mode, but presumably you would remember if you had done that.

Yes, I’ve not done that. There are other sixteen bar rests that fill up a single system without problem. I’ve fixed now but will see if I can make a minimal project out of the part with the problem and post.

Here is the Dorico project. Flügelhorn part.

The problem is caused by you having set ‘Ends voice: Immediately’ on the semibreve at the end of bar 52. Try unsetting that property and everything should be OK!

How did I set that? I’ve not touched start/end voice since the ‘remove rests’ command appeared.

Well in that case, you probably set it by using “remove rests”. It does exactly the same thing behind the scenes.

I understand that, but there were no rests removed anywhere near that section.

If the project started life by way of MusicXML import, it’s possible for the ‘Ends voice’ property to get set on notes if the MusicXML file is encoded in such a way as to suggest to Dorico that the following bars should use a different voice.

Out of interest, why does ‘end voice’ affect the length of that system?

If you’ve ended voice, then within that 16 bars there are no notes OR rests with which to calculate spacing. It’s pure empty space.

Ah ok. Thank you for the explanation.