Spacing issue with lyrics in cubase scores

I am using the lyrics symbol and adding lyrics to one of my voices in the score. The manual says that you should use a dash between syllables if you want them spaced out over several notes but what I want to do is to put the whole word on the first note and then put " ______" at the end of the word until the end of the phrase.

So for example if you look at the word “feed” in this notation, instead of using a dash in between words as I have done here, what I want to do is use the whole word on the first note and then after the word use _____ for the next couple of notes until the next word begins

how can I achieve this in cubase scores?

Did you try typing underscores for the lyrics for the other notes? It might take quite a few to make it long and contiguous.

Use Melisma


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Brilliant! Thank you!

Not sure if I should do a new post since I already marked your reply as “solved” but since it is related I will ask here.

look at the word “hide” at the end of bar 36. I want to use a melisma so it carries on into bar 37. Look where the arrow is pointing. The melisma applies to those notes too so I need to have a line underneath those notes too. Can you tell me how to go about doing that please?

Use an empty lyric: type a white space on the first note of the line and use its melisma only.
And you can move the lyrics like any other object in the score by using the ‘hand tool’.