Spacing problem

I ran into this problem today and have not been able to fix it. I noticed a key signature crammed between the (double) bar line and the first note of the measure. (Capture.jpg) I deleted the double line and everything moved to the right. (Capture1.jpg) Then I selected the first note and re-input the key signature and it went back to the original position. (Capture2.jpg) Any help would be appreciated.

Without seeing the score itself it’s hard to make any specific recommendations. Is that key signature local to that particular staff, or is there indeed only one staff in your project? We have seen the occasional problem where a key signature on a single staff ends up colliding with the double barline that Dorico draws automatically, and that problem has been fixed ahead of the first update. I think it’s quite likely that this problem will go away when you open your project in the first post-release update, but if you would like me to make sure, please attach your project here and I will take a look in our current development build.

I’m OK waiting for the first patch but do you have any idea when that will be coming out? It is a single staff score.

We expect the first post-release update to be available before the end of November, unless there are any unforeseen circumstances that prevent us from making it available then.

A follow up: I added a piano part to the existing score and when I added notes to it sometimes it would fix the problem. See the attached figures. I hope the new patch will fix this behavior.

But now the bass clarinet part looks wrong.

I’m pretty sure the first update will take care of all of these problems.

I hope so. I had to give up on Dorico for this particular project and go back to Sibelius. I will of course continue to use Dorico on other projects as I continue to learn my way around it. Thanks again and keep up the good work.