Spanish Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts sometimes works, sometimes ain’t. I use the spanish keyboard but in order to use the same keys of Daniel’s youtube Dorico input tutorial, I use the default set, so at least the natural, flat and sharp keys are the same.

Then I reassign the staccato, staccatisimo, accent and tenuto to the original english positioned default keys, but sometimes only staccatisimo and staccato keys works, the other reassigned ones doesn’t. And lately the flat key returns to the accent spanish position 'though I’m in the default keyboard.

??? Poltergeistttt…

The same sort of problem arises with the Italian keyboards. I hope that Dorico team will help us with providing a list of commands customized for keyboards working for neo-Latin languages: Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese. Otherwise, many people all over the worlds couldn’t make a good use of the program.

We have already customised the shortcuts for the various keyboards for each of our localised languages, but unfortunately at the moment there are some bugs with the non alphanumeric keys (and on French even with the numeric keys). We’re working on it!

Thankyou Daniel. No hurry, in the meanwhile, I am slowly but steadily getting inside Dorico. You did a great job!