Spanish Romance on classical guitar

Hello everyone :slight_smile: ,

here is my cover of Spanish Romance played on classical guitar. It was my first recording of classical guitar at all. Rode M5 matched pair and Steinberg ur22 mkii. All done in Cubase.

Nice performance and recording. It’s a pretty piece.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Very well played, great sounding mix, congratulations!

Thanks for posting. Really nice to hear some classical guitar! Nice playing! The recording is very much in the center, and I could only guess you used x-y configuration not too far back. But I am not sure. I think you might find other configurations that work better, create a better stereo image, and a more natural frequency response. I just found this link, but my disclaimer is that I am no expert on this stuff! Good luck! Here is the link:

Thank you for the link, it looks very helpful. I’ll try :slight_smile: