Spatial scores

Does anyone have any tips for workflow when creating a spatial score? I’m looking to create aleatoric music and I’m finding dorico’s engraving options a bit frustrating. The adjustments allowed horizontal seem to get stuck after I move a note a certain amount. It’s also hard to get things space correctly as dorico is always automatically adjusting note space (especially when I remove rests). I know this is desired functionality for standard music but for this use case it is very frustrating. Any tips?

EDIT: Added files of a couple scenarios I’m looking to create.

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re trying to achieve?

Added! Thanks for the help.

I haven’t done any of this sort of thing myself, but I’m certain you’ll want to keep notes in their general positions, rhythmically/proportionately. That means selecting the rests and changing their opacity to 0 (and/or scaling them down to 1%).

Note spacing is not really intended for this sort of scenario. Note spacing is constrained by voice columns, which are bound to rhythmic positions. It’s not unlimited.

Okay I’ll try to do that instead. Thanks so much. I wish we could enter notes as “graphical notes” and then just move them around freely horizontally.

I understand, but that’s the difference between a graphical concept and a semantic one. Dorico is the latter. That means it’s really intelligent about most things, but sometimes you have to fool it into doing what you want. In this case, the position of notes has semantic implications, so it’s not infinitely flexible.

The good news is that what you want here is really pretty easily done. Of course playback will be meaningless, but the score is not hard to create.