Spatialization: Ambisonics/HOA/FB360 -Avid yes...Nuendo?

At AES, Avid’s ProTools HD demonstrated that it has Facebook 360 and Flux Revolution integration as well as HOA capability. I very much need this. Any idea when Nuendo will have this capability?

When you say Flux Revolution integration, do you mean that the send/return works or if they have a proprietary way that you can bring in the new version of SPAT like a VST but have it able to access all the tracks and assign placement individually on each track but using one instance of SPAT Rev?

Flux just made available the send/return functionality in SPAT Rev that was absent when they first released it about a month ago.

I too am hoping that Steinberg is going to build in a sensible workflow for Ambisonic style recording that will work with immersive audio/video. The latest update here from Steinberg staff is that a Nuendo update is forthcoming in the early part of November but these dates are subject to change, of course.

Hello, The integration I hope for is the latter, bringing in Spat as a VST plug that accesses all tracks with options for track assignment. At AES, Flux was grouped with the Avid folks and emphasized its AAX compatibility. I would be happy if they were at least in discussion.

For those of us that are new to this and are just starting to (barely) understand it all: Is the current issue that plugins aren’t able to map channels correctly or that they’re not getting the correct amount of channels (i.e. maybe odd numbers) or something else?

I’m just trying to understand why for example Facebook 360’s latest version only works on PT/MacOS and for Nuendo we need the previous version. Surely Nuendo supplies a high enough channel count (up to 22.2 or something I think).

Is there an easy explanation for an idiot like me?

2 Big ears works with nuendo and cubase :smiley:

I’ve done a few commercial projects with 360 Audio and Nuendo and to my knowledge, the TwoBigEars (now called FB360) Plugins are working fine in Nuendo.

If are trying to use Plugins that work directly in Ambisonics Format (note that FB360 is using a special 8 channel format that is not ambisonics but can be exported as one) you are running into Channel Incompatibilities, as you would need 4/9/16 Channel Tracks. (depending on Ambisonic Order)

Doing some work with 3rd order Ambisonics I ended up using the 22.2 Tracks in Nuendo I believe and omitting the leftover channels, which worked out ok.

I am a Cubase 9.5 user and mix a lot in Pro Tools HD 12 for film scores. I am doing quite a bit of VR audio with music beds as well as spatialized effects in post. I am happy to see that Steinberg will have VR tools available, but the truth is, VR has been moving forward over the last year abd not just for gaming. I’m doing permanent install exhibits for museums that involve cinematic VR. I hope that these tools are available soon.