spdif coaxial converter

I need to connect a spdif coaxial into the UR824, so I am searching for an affordable spdif converter…anybody knows the best way to do that?

I’d like to know if it’s imposible too.xD
I think there’s some RME (ADI) I could use, bit they’re expensive units.

Don’t know where you are but something like this might help (the link is to a german shop)
There’s an A/D unit as well.


Is there any spdif to toslink converter (digital/digital)? I just see the DA unit
Can you post the direct link to it if you don´t mind. I cant read German so it is hard for me to find it by myself!

I think I can buy items from Germany, they can send it to me by mail (I´m from Spain)

If you know something I could use please, let me know
Thanks again!

Maybe this one?


Thanks again

You will have to know if that’s what you need. I wanted the abilty to route the signals individually since my interface has separate 2 channel coax in and out, the unit you refer to is ok if your other connections are also bidirectional.

Thanks BriHar!