speaker config

When we will see a decent speaker config? I wait since V6 to assign my hw-controller to volume control (speaker) in WLab. All my monitors are controlled (switch and adjust volume) by a hw-controller, mainly in Nuendo. But if I open Wlab, I must stand up and adjust the speaker volume manually on my speakers, because, this litte knob in Wlab is to unsafe to use (jumping) and not operated per Midi-Controller.
Hey, it’s a audio application and for mastering, it’s essential to change the volume in a easy way. At the moment, it’s like a reflex camera, where I must adjust the ISO in a Submenue :wink:

Here the knob in Nuendo

and here in Wlab …

Is it possible to make two custom short cuts … so that the level increases incrementally on one (eg F10) and decreases on the other (eg F11).

I have a “dim” shortcut like this for the master faders for “emergencies”.

Generally, I am guessing this is not a main feature because basic mastering consoles have an attenuator for the monitors.

I hope this helps.

I mix complete ITB. Have a Midicontroller only for few things. Mainly adjust Sends/Pan, switch Stereo/Mono and between my two monitor pairs (active) and set my speaker volume (CR-Volume) at last … thats all. And I think, the most Homestudios haven’t a attenuator for the Monitors, but many have a Midicontroller.

Have tested these short cuts month ago, it’s not for me. If you have a leveljump suddenly, the fastes way is still a rotary knob to protect our ears an speakers.

Hope, there come midi learn in next versions. Midi is standard in DAWs …

Agree, it might be helpful to have MIDI control of speaker volume dial and/or the possibility of a larger dial on the screen to control playback volume.