Speaker icon

When i’m recording i click the speaker icon to listen to what i’m recording.
When i play back i have to un tick the speaker icon to listen to what i have just recorded.
is there a way of listening to what i have just recorded without having to un tick the speaker icon ?

No. But you can automate monitoring in preferences, so it automatically unticks on Playback, and activates on record -> Tapemachine style

Great, Just what i need.
Many Thanks svennilenni.

I usually have another track armed so I can listen to what I’m recording and record on another one.

Same as Rudal, i use two tracks, say i’m recording a singer, i’ll record to the track which doesn’t have monitoring enabled so that the singer can still communicate with me whilst listening to a playback of their performance, i find it much more convenient and helps avoid communication issues as they’re in a different room.