Speaker outputs and sound ID reference

I am using Wavelab pro 11 with an RME Babyface pro fs.

I have setup three sets of outputs which feed Main Speakers, headphones 1 and headphones 2 which is great and works.
The thing is when I switch output I want a different sound ID profile for each output in the playback section (the bit that doesn’t get rendered) . Now I have created three channel presets which will switch the sound ID ref but the speaker output is not included in this, nor can I see anywhere to include it in the settings.

So how do I do a single switch that will change my output as well as my output processing? At present it takes two changes to do it. The preset then the speaker configuration. Also how can I have more than one output enabled like Cubase has main output and headphone output both enabled?

To summarise I use output processing for all my outputs. I want to change outputs and have different output processing associated with it. Note this is nothing to do with the channel plugins which I don’t want to change or load.


This is one of the things that bugs me about wavelab - it’s just not made to do that.

Depending on the rest of your setup, you can run WL’s output into some other application, which then “splits” it to different channels, processes them, and sends them where they need to go. Whether they’re all always running or you can switch between them depends on how you set that up. And, unfortunately, that also complicates routing through external gear.

I work ITB, and that’s what I do. I have a Reaper session always running, and it hosts a handful of different sets of “playback processing” for exactly that reason.

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Ah ok. I did t think there was a way as I’m usual quite good at finding these things. It’s only two steps for me so. Ti e for a feature request to add speaker output as an option in the presets as a tick box.

That would be rather cool.

I’d love to click the speaker output selector to switch between, e.g., speakers with room correction, IEMs with HRTF, and a grok box with different correction and mono sum. The only simple way I can think of to do that is for the “speaker configuration” switch to also change between different sets of playback processing.

Even if you’re using a monitor controller to do the switching, you would still have to run through another application or DSP box or something to apply the processing.

It’s not a big deal for me because I just leave all the feeds running and either my IEMs aren’t plugged in or my speakers are muted further down the chain, so…meh. But it would be nice.

Something like that is planned.