Speaker playback delay

Hi, I’m composing symphonic music and I usually listen to the playback with headphone and everything is normal. However, when I connect speaker with aux cable. The sound will only playback after around 3-4 measures after few minutes or edit or doing other things. When I restart the playback right after, the playback delay is gone. But the issue persist after I start to composing again. It’s quite annoying. Any suggestions? Thanks

Are you using the same headphone jack for your headphones and loudspeakers?
If so, the issue is in the loudspeakers I would say.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. It’s the same headphone jack but I don’t think my speaker has any problem. It’s fine when connected to other devices.

Whst do you mean by ‘aux’ cable? Windows or Mac? What OS? What type and brand of speakers? More detail helpful in cases like this. What computer? What audio chain is being used? What VST’s and how many? Noteperformer? What is the system load?

Andro is right, we need more information. It would be best if you start Dorico, load a corresponding project and reproduce the situation once, i.e. that the playback starts with a delay. Then please choose from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Let’s see if the log files reveal something special. Thanks

I don’t think the problem is with Dorico, tbh. If he uses the same physical output for his headphones and his speakers, and it works with his headphones flawlessly, then the problem must lie in the speakers. Dorico only sees the headphone jack and apparently is able to communicate with it properly.

Your speakers could have some energy-saving settings, where they wait for an audio signal before going out of standby. It’s not unheard of (in fact my speakers have it, too…). And after some time of no signal, they go back to standby.
Do other devices you connect to the speaker constantly stop and start sending audio signals?

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Same for me - a bit maddening, I wish I could over ride this feature! (no probs with headphones)

With my speakers I can actually turn the feature off and set the time after which it goes into standby. I use it, because I constantly forget to turn them off :smiley:

This is why I asked the OP to give us more information so as to be able to help.

Hi guys, thank you guys so much for the replies! I haven’t got a chance to test out the problem as I’m quite busy working on my project right now. What if the problem is with the speaker idel itself. Is there a way to fix it. I’m just using a small speaker for portability, the B&o A1… Any suggestions? Thanks!

The only thing I could find out is that you presumably have the first generation, as the second doesn’t include a headphone jack port anymore.

It being a battery powered speaker confirms my suspicion of some kind of auto-standby.

I see the B&O A0 has a 3.5mm jack. But I note that this is not a stereo speaker. Dorico outputs full stereo., as an aside. Or perhaps you are mixing specifically for portable devices like this?

I am unable to find a manual for this speaker from B&O that mentions anything about standby or sleep modes. Maybe you could write to B&O support and ask about this.

Ok thank you, I’ll try to contact them.