Speakerphone 2 with Nuendo

Anybody else experiencing, room impulses not showing up from time to time on Speakerphone 2 when used as an insert? I’m wondering if this is a bug with speakerphone and nuendo or some kind of install related thing on my side. Would be nice to know if anybody else is experiencing it and I will report to both Audio Ease and Steinberg.


Works fine on our systems …


Same problem here. I’ve made all kinds of tests, no fix or culprit found. Only clues I have:

  • Had the same issue in my previous DAW (Win7, Intel, 16gbRAM). Currently working on a fresh new computer (Win10, AMD, 32gbRAM). Nuendo8 on both DAWs.
  • Talked to Audioease support on the matter about 2 years ago. No fix or culprit found. Case closed.
  • Problem always arises when loading the plugin in projects with lots of audio clips.
  • Problem never arises when loading the plugin in a new/fresh project (few or no audio assets loaded). But, despite loading correctly at first, it fails again once the project gains in audio assets (even if the plugin was there from the start).
  • The impulse libraries that fail to load are always 1 or 2 of the group of 3 located under the main speaker upper-center thumpnail (MIC, ROOM or COVER). MIC and ROOM libraries are the ones that fail most of the time (random pattern).
  • When the problem arises, plugin ALWAYS fails to load the corresponding library thumpnail (I personally suspect this could be related).
  • Problem arises both at insert racks and as a direct offline processing.
  • Recently, I tried the following: close the project. Created a new project and loaded lots of Speakerphone instances. Everything fine. Close the project and reloaded the problematic one. Plugin suddenly loads correctly.

Only thing I can think of is a time out setting being to fast on speakerphone. It asks the OS for the library and if the reply is to late from the OS it will assume library not present.
Maybe a fix/test would be to if possible move the library to a empty usb stick/drive and see if that helps. If it does you could go from there and also inform audioease

Thanks for the reply. I will test this.

This fix seems to work so far. I’ll need extensive testing to verify it.


PD: This is Soojay, using my new forum profile.

yes I most definitely have this same occurrence and often have to go out of Nuendo and reload the session to try to get the impulses back which works sometimes. Its usually always the ROOM impulse and picture is missing. I thought maybe an install issue, thanks for investigating more soojay and vinark for the suggestion to try.

Problem just arised again, despite Speakerphone libraries being installed in another drive.

Ok, so I got the same thing now (Rooms). I close the session and reload it again and they are back… super annoying.
Gonna also report to AudioEase.
Please let me know if you guys hear anything.

Just saying, AudioThing Speakers apparently very nice plugin, no issues here.