Special 50% offer on Rupert Neve Designs 5033/5043 plug-ins!

Dear forum members,

we are happy to announce a special offer on the Rupert Neve Designs Portico plug-ins.
As of today, the RND Portico 5033 EQ and the RND Portico 5043 compressor plug-ins are
available for 249 euros* each. A bundle with both plug-ins is available for only 399 euros.


*incl. 19% German VAT, may vary according to your country


I just purchased the RN Compressor !

When does this special offer end ?



there’s not yet a specific date, but it will be announced in time. What do you think about the 5043?


How long did it take to receive the serial ? I ordered the bundle at jrr shop on saturday and i’m still waiting…

edit : ok, delivered on next friday.
edit 2 : delayed to 04/24/13. I wonder why it takes so long to generate a simple serial number… :question:

Hi Timo,

Thanks for the feedback.

So far I’m loving the RN Portico 5043 :slight_smile: It’s a great compressor, very transparent, works on any type of material I tested it on (I highly recommend it to users who are still on the fence) !

I’m considering to add the EQ at some point in the near future, that’s why I asked if there is a deadline for the 50% off offer. I could have saved another $100. if I got the bundle, but I felt the compressor was a good start for now.


I recieved the serial number via email reply, within a minute of ordering it from the Steinberg Shop !

Very fast, and painless to register & install.

I recommend using the Steinberg Shop in the future.


Will comment them asap. Just dl the demo.

Well…After extensive use in different *test" scenario on my audio material…I can say thses are INCREDIBLE!
Will buy them for sure! Kudos!
Happy days coming.

Great ! I’m glad you like them a lot.

I got the compressor, but have not tried to demo the EQ.

Q. How would you describe the RN EQ ? i.e. how does it differ from other EQs you use ? What makes it so good/special ?


Hi Muz,

I would say it is really amazing how it’s 3D, full and warm. I have used a lot of plugin’ eq but this one is really special.
Amazing job.

Thanks for the feedback.

Now I’m very tempted to grab the RN-EQ as well. :slight_smile:

They should stay at this price range though :mrgreen:

Thanks very much for the feedback. Steinberg, Yamaha and Neve indeed spend a lot of efforts to make them (5033+5043) sound special. I’m really happy to hear that you like it.


I have the hardware version of these devices and while I have not put the plugins through all their paces, so far I am extremely impressed. One unanticipated advantage of the plugins is that they are considerably quieter than their hardware counterparts. The compressor behaves very well but, at a certain level, does not seem quite as aggressive as the hardware although I have not really gone the distance with drums yet which for me is the acid test. The EQ is very nice but, again, is not as aggressive as the hardware. That being said, compared to the native Cubase EQ it is absolutely glorious.

Great Job!!

I Hope They gonna stay at this price ! cause when I try it it was the first plugin that sound & feel like my UAD sound & feel ! I mean I want a sound just tweak & it’s there ! very good ! I’m gonna buy it this summer if still at this price.
please Steinberg ! :wink:

I JUST had to post again… The 5033 is out of this world… I only have two channels of hardware 5033 so it is usually reserved for the mix bus so I have never had the luxury of using it too much on tracks. The confluence of multiple channels suing the 5033 has completely redefined the sound coming out of my rig. Clarity, punch, imaging – everything. This is absolutely a must-have. I admit I would have not have considered buying the 5033/5043 bundle without the special promo pricing but now that I have heard what they do (especially the 5033) I would gladly buy them again at full-price. Considering what they do they are a bargain. I think my days as a hardware EQ bigot have come to an end.

Just bought the bundle. These plugs are amazing ! Really worth the actual price.

I already used my trial, but didnt really test these plugins much. Is it possible to get a new trial key and try these plugins again? Because i might be interested in buying the bundle version, as all the reviews looks very good.

Hello cpehet

Wow ! That says a lot.

I’m surely buying the 5033 EQ in the next couple of weeks.

I already have the 5043 RN-Portico Compressor, and love it !

Thanks for the feedback,

First off, this isn’t truly scientific as it isn’t a blind test. Since we’re talking about high end, expensive plug-ins here I think a little testing not only appropriate but positively called for.

There is another plug-in on the market that claims to emulate the same EQ, except this one costs only $39, and there’s a free demo available, so there is no excuse.


Now I wouldn’t expect a $39 plug-in to match one costing 100s $$ but a little testing costs nothing but time.

First off I made a two bar wave file from an Halion SC preset called SR 120 BPM Loop. I loaded this loop into Cubase twice and made sure they perfectly nulled with an input of -2db. They nulled to absolute silence. My word means nothing here but this part can be tested by anyone. Please do.

I then loaded the Portico 5033 trial onto one track and the DDMF onto the other and tried various settings on both, taking great care to make sure the parameters on both were identical.

At no point could I make them null. There was always a difference. However, there appeared to be a small volume difference between the two in that the the Portico was a tad quieter on my Cubase meters. Also, even in all bypass mode on both plug-ins there was a very slight (inaudible) difference between the two. On my NS 10s and both my AKG and Sure headphones I could not hear the difference, but the meters showed a small difference.

I then did a subjective test, listening to both files separately through my NS 10m monitors, my AKG open back headphones and my Sure SRH830 closed back headphones.

To my ears the Portico’s sounded a little cleaner in the top end, but that means little as my ears are as human as anyone else’s and by now my ears may well have become a little clouded by fatigue. At this point the DDMF plug-in also sounded very nice indeed.

I am no scientist but very much driven by scientific scepticism and honestly, I’m becoming truly sick of reading buzz terms like: open, warm, 3D, wide and so on, which mean absolutely nothing really.

I will of course continue my tests. I do not for one second deny the quality of one plug-in over another. But please people, lets not compare the clever manipulation of 1s and 0s with magic.