"Special" Group Track for processing multiple mono or stereo tracks

Hi. I think a really valuable and unique feature would be a “special” group track. Let me explain the premise.

Currently I layer multiple mono tracks and send them into a group. However, sometimes I want to process each mono track BEFORE I send them to the group rather than having the group channel process the combined signal. The main plugins are things like noisegates, debreath, autotune, but also applies to EQ, compression, noise reduction, etc.

If I want to make changes to the plugin chain, I have to do so on each mono track which can be a big pain in the ass when dealing with multiple layers. The current solution is either to commit to the plugins and bounce the audio or to edit one mono track then copy/paste the new settings to every other layer.

I would love to see a “special group track” that does the following:

Add a plugin to the special group track
For each track routed into the special group track, create an instance of the plugin but only display one instance on the special group track
Any alternations to the settings of the plugins also changes the settings on each additional instance created by the special group track.

So for example, if I route 6 mono tracks to the Special Group Track and add autotune, it will create 1 instance for each mono track but visually it will display as 1 instance of autotune. Then I can change the key for example in one instance and it would affect the other 5 “hidden” instances too.

Thanks for the consideration. I think this would be revolutionary as no DAW seems to have this function.

If there is a way to do this already please let me know.