Special Offer For Nuendo Users!

dont wanna be rude, but are we, Nuendo users, will ever see a headline like that like all the other Steinberg users?

Interesting point. My guess is that it’s never ever going to happen. Like, ever.

When you willing to buy Nuendo you are already the niche consumer whom willing to pay for anything.

Haha you got me! Sad but true.

Well, they DID give us the Pro Sound Effects, and I actually have used two of those clips in a film since then.
What other special offers are you looking for? Free book club membership? A discount on the next pack of Twinkies you buy at Wal-Mart?
No but seriously - I got Nuendo to have a reliable and powerful DAW at a reasonable price, and that’s what I got. AFAIK PT users don’t get many special offers either, and they only have a reliable and powerful DAW at a stupendously extortionate price, so I think we’re doing OK…

The Loudness Meter alone is worth $300 elsewhere. That is a pretty good gift.

You can get all of Cubase’s music functionality

NEK 249,- :mrgreen:

I’m pretty sure that stuff that’s included doesn’t qualify as a “special offer”, so it’s pretty silly to argue that an included meter or whatever is equal to it.

We certainly do get a decent amount of good stuff for the money, all things considered. But I think the point here might be that some of us have been with Steinberg and have owned Nuendo since the beginning of the century or whenever version 1 was released. So as a customer since about 2001 or so it actually sometimes feels like getting thrown a bone for having supported Steinberg for a decade and a half would be nice. Look at how UA operates for example. And it’s not the only example.

I have to agree, having been using Nuendo since Version 1.
I just dropped $400.00 over at UA because they gave me a very sweet deal.
Why can’t Steinberg offer a deal every once in a great while?
It really seems to show a lack of confidence in the products.
Would a deal for the long time users of your most expensive product
really devalue your software that much?
I also just acquired Sony’s CD Architect. Would have loved to get Wavelab instead, but with no discount at all for being a Nuendo owner it was too much.

I would love a discount on a Cubase 8 Pro license but even though I paid for Nuendo+NEK,
it ain’t gonna happen. Why don’t you want more people to use your software? All of your software?
Especially people who have already paid for it in another form?
Some people have more then one room facilities. I would like a Nuendo room and a Cubase room. Instead of a Nuendo room and a Reaper Room.

Just seems like bad business to me.

Once upon a time Steinberg offered a new, separate license for Cubase 6 to Nuendo users as a special offer for $200. I believe the reason was that they were behind on development for Nuendo at the time and us Nuendo users couldn’t stop drooling for some of the features.

I don’t get the “we get the best for our money anyway” approach, WTH are you trying to prove? loyalty?
Its not a Wagnarian romantic opera, its a product and this is a company and we are customers. I dont care what Avid got to offer cause I use Nuendo.

I dont sit and think that i have the best DAW in the world, it has its flaws but i get on with it because the pros are greater the cons. period.

NOW - most Nuendo users are NOT the “kid sitting in his bedroom with acoustk guitar” kind of customer. We need the Sh*t to work, we need to get into the website and be connected and solve problems with the company. Sorry but (and I dont think im alone here), in the last 3 years I see all kind of special offers, discounts, flexibility towards Cubase consumers and VSTi and Sequle or Wavelab. NON WAS HAPPEND FOR NUENDO. (execpt endless time of waiting for something) .

With all the respect. I have my own terras of SoundFX without SB. “30 year anniversary” last year, I could have thought on some extra features I would like to have and those “included” features are closed with a big price tag on the for whatever the reason.

I see where you guys are coming from, and I have to say I agree about the Cubase license. It would be a nice turn from Steinberg if they offered a discount there, or at least a chance to crossgrade from Cubase to Nuendo at a discount.
However, as I am also a Cubase user, I’d like to ask you: What offers do you mean? I haven’t seen any offers, Cubase-wise, in the last years that would have made me bite. Ok, I don’t like most of Steiny’s VSTi’s and as to their hardware I won’t even comment, but even in that direction I can’t recall being offered anything there…
As to UA, yes, they do always throw us some very nice bones, but lots of times I’ve caught myself spending money for stuff I really didn’t need, which of course is exactly the purpose of such offers… :wink: I remember getting the Fatso once for 249 instead of 299$… I hardly ever use it. So basically I still wasted 249 bucks.
On the other hand - when NI gave us the Supercharger for Christmas, now THAT was nice…

I don’t think it has to be particularly complicated. It could be offering plug-ins for free or a nice discount. Say the Portico plugs, or the advanced versions of the Steinberg VSTi’s. I think plug-in discounts make a lot of sense because all they represent is at worst a reduction of revenue per-plugin. It’d be more difficult to justify dropping the price on hardware since it has to be physically manufactured and distributed, but a plugin is just there, it’s just code in an installer and can be transferred in no time.

I’ll use myself as an example: I do pretty much only post-production so whatever tools I use are mostly geared towards that. But even if that’s the case I can see a point in having some other tools which is why I once invested in Komplete by NI. Now, I’ve been looking at the the deals they have and I’m tempted to get the latest version if they have deep discounts again. It’s basically hard to beat for me since I invested in it earlier - BUT - if Steinberg could offer a good value for Halion and/or some of the other products I’d seriously consider it simply because of integration. So for me as a customer it really does boil down to cost, and for Steinberg it’s really a matter not of losing revenue but actually making some money. I’m just not going to buy an “expensive” Steinberg VSTi since I can get a better deal elsewhere which means SB will make $0 - OR - if they give us Nuendo users a discount, say 50%, they can make at least some money on something that’s just an installer that’s already been developed which seems like at least some revenue on their end.

See what I mean?

Yep. I have to concede you’re right. Maybe your post will make them think about it… :wink: