Special offer on ASK Video's Dorico training course

If you’re signed up to receive email newsletters from Steinberg and you live in the UK, US, Australia, South Africa or the Scandinavian nations, you may have received or be about to receive an email offering you the Dorico video training course (devised and presented by @pianoleo) at a special discount.

Unfortunately the instructions in the email for how to receive the discount are incorrect. If you want to take advantage of the special price, you need to copy and paste this link into your web browser:


We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Even if you didn’t receive the newsletter, or you live in another country, you can take advantage of this special offer if you wish: we sent the newsletter only to users who are likely to speak English, since the course is available only in English. But if you would like to take advantage of the special offer, you can do so.

The link above will expire at midnight New York time on 7 October 2021.

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This link takes me to an empty basket. To the left of the basket are three recommended courses, none of which are Leo’s or have anything to do with Dorico!

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This link takes me to an empty basket. To the left of the basket are three recommended courses, none of which are Leo’s!

Same here.

I just purchased the video, but it seems you can’t download it to watch the courses offline.

Has anyone sorted this out yet? I tried just going to askvideo.com and clicking to directly purchase it and presumed at some point in the checkout process I would be prompted to enter my discount code of DORICO30ASKVIDEO - no dice (didn’t see the prompt anywhere). So still waiting and would love any help.
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I’m afraid I’m utterly clueless about the inner workings of AskVideo’s website. I’m crossing my fingers that Daniel will provide some clarity sooner rather than later, but if not I"ll get in touch with the higher beings at AskVideo/NonLinear Educating to ask them to figure it out.

Apologies in the meantime.

By the way, congrats on the video, Leo! I actually teach a graduate course primarily on Dorico yet your course was so compellingly organized (even just doing a few of the previews) that I was already gleaning useful info (which was why I plan to purchase).
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Oh! Thanks!

If you purchased rather than signing up for a library pass, I believe you can download the course for offline viewing, but you need to install the proprietary NonLinear Educating Player. Go to How It Works : Ask.Video and scroll down near the bottom and you should find download links for the player.

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Did it, it worked! You just made great videos down to the earth Leo. What should be bundled with every new Dorico purchase. Thanks again.


Sorry to those of you who found that the link I posted in the first post in this thread isn’t working. I’ve just tried it again and it does seem to work correctly for me:


However, I will get in touch with the good people at ASK Video and see if they can offer any further advice.

Leo, can you please tell ask.video that the “send“ button for support doesn’t even work on the website so there apparently is no way to directly reach them to let them know that the 30% discount code can’t be entered anywhere. I have to say this is a pretty terrible website if their goal is to have us actually purchase something. I went ahead and bought it at full price in the meantime.

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Daniel, you appear to have put the course in the basket (cart) on your computer. Which link did you get click in order to get to the version of the course that was discounted?

As advertised, I clicked the link provided by ASK Video, which both adds the course to the basket and applies the discount.

I wonder whether it’s Discourse doing something to mangle the link.



Try copying and pasting that link into your browser, and hopefully it will do the right thing.

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Daniel, if you happen to have a direct email for ask.video that would also be helpful since the customer support “send” button on their website doesn’t work (at least on my phone in Safari). And the link from the Steinberg email that had the discount code also didn’t work for some reason (As far as adding the 30% discount at check out).
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But yes - that link works! That’s the one that should be added to the Steinberg email that went out when you click “more info” in your email. I will try to cancel the other order and re-order with the discount - thanks.

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And the “send” button suddenly works. I’m wondering if it didn’t work before because I used the “per cent” sign in the subject heading or something?