Special ornaments


I’ve been trying out the demo of Dorico Pro 3.5 (wonderful looking layout btw!), and was wondering what the best way to add special ornaments or characters was?

I’ve created some .svg files that I’d like to use as ornaments, but is there a better way of using them than by adding a graphic frame in Engrave mode? I couldn’t see a way of copying the frames, putting in exact dimensions or tying the frames to particular notes either.

I was hoping the music symbol editor would allow me to create a new character to add to the ornaments panel - is something like that planned or possible?

Many thanks,

The Playing Techniques editor gives you the possibility of creating new Playing Techniques. If you set the type to “Glyph” you can bring your own SVGs in.

Thank you! I have the full version of Dorico now and loving it!