Special Update pricing (or not)

Spectralayers updates pricing is puzzling. If accurate, the puzzling thing is whether the behavior that I’m being conditioned to do is intentional. Let’s see, I can update two or three levels (from SL 6 or 7 to 9) right now for $59.99. Great, what’s the price to update just one level (from 8 to 9)? $79.99. HUH???

So I’m much, much better off to start letting a few updates pass and then save a pile of money. Lesson learned. Thank you.

Really? Which ones? I can see none.

This looks like an error.

Not seeing that, update from SL8 to 9 is cheaper than from 6 or 7.

There’s some error on the site. When I looked at it from UK the price was correct. From the USA it showed the non-sale price.