Special VST Plugin

Hi Friends,

I’m looking for a special VST Plugin to use it in the “Mass change module” (Stapelverarbeitung)

We have a lot of songs with 1 or 2 seconds silence at the beginning and sometimes at the end and want to cut that away. So far I found no tool to edit that.

Someone here who has an idea for that?

Which plugin cuts that away?

Thanks for any comments and best regards Frank

Check out the “Auto Split” works on Audio files and Montage
can do exactly what you need…

read up here…


regards S-EH

In addition to the auto-split feature mentioned by @S-EHansson , you can use some batch processing plugin to cut the head and tail if, and only if, you know beforehand how much time to cut.

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Thank you SEH and PG1!

We want to use the batch process for this - nearly 60.000 sound files should be checked and edited.

The intelligence is to cut away silence at the beginning and the end (let say "all under -42dB) - and @PG1 - I have not understood what you are recommending here. Is this something that is already in the default Plugins of Wavelab?

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Then the AutoSplit tool, that has a batch mode, should be your friend.

I was speaking about the following plugin for the batch processor. But this is not what you need it seems. Instead, use the Auto Split tool.