Specific instrument labeling and bracing in condensed scores

How can I get the instrument labeling and braces to look like this when condensing a score in Dorico 4.2?


  1. Players with more than one instrument has the instrument not played from the beginning of the score listed in parentheses
  2. Different flutes are braced together
  3. Oboes and Eng. horn are braced together
  4. Different Clarinets are braced together
  5. Bassoons and contrabassoon are braced together
  6. Trombone and Bass trombone are braced together
  7. The Bass trombone is numbered as one of the other trombones

Here is another score with the same layout:


  1. Here some players have more than one alternative instrument listed in parentheses, separated by comma
  2. In this case, when the Bass trombone is on its own staff, it’s not numbered with the other trombones, but still braced with the other trombones

I’m too lazy to set everything up, but I think almost all of that is possible. What issues are you getting stuck on?

  1. You’ll just have to edit the name in Setup
  2. Manually add the brace in Engrave. Brace settings for sub-brackets are in Layout Options/Brackets and Braces.
  3. Again, add the brace in Engrave
  4. Same. You can create a group to separate the 3rd Clarinet, or modify its name
  5. Same.
  6. Same.
  7. This is the only one that isn’t possible, or at least not without a workaround. I suspect you’ll need to set it up as a Trombone and then add the “Bass Trombone” label manually as text or something.

Have you read about these?

Hi @FredGUnn,
Manually add the brace in Engrave first seemed to work, BUT if I do that all brackets, braces, and groups for woodwinds and brass disappear in Galley View. They still exists in Page View. Any solution to avoid this?

No. Galley view is a specific view that does not show different aspects of the finished work, as spacings, brackets and braces, condensing… It’s not a finished work view, but a work-in-progress view, where all instruments held by a player are visible at any time (unless you use the instrument filter).

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