specify CC levels from within the Score Editor?

On a rather unconnected subject (and I probably should start a separate topic for this) is there a way I can specify CC levels from within the Score Editor?
As I said I spend most of my time in the score editor entering notes by mouse (I know - ridiculous - but I’ve got pretty quick at it) Obviously when the notes are all in there I can fine tune the CC curves with a controller or whatever. But when I’m entering notes is there a quick way I can generally set, say, a CC1 level for the note I’m entering?- in the same way that I can set a velocity level (I’m aware it’s very different data). At the moment I have to keep coming out of the Score Editor and going into the Key Editor to do that and it’s rather cumbersome.
Or can I somehow rig up my NanoKontrol so that even though I’m entering notes by mouse I can specify a level for that note with a fader on the controller?

Ah yes I’d briefly looked at that. But doesn’t dynamics mapping just specify percentages of an already set controller level?
If it could map in such a way that i could specify an actual CC level rather than a percentage of a CC level, then that would probably solve my problem!
But is that possible?

Any thoughts on my last point there?
(Even though it’s utterly unrelated to the original topic!)

Again, Dynamics do the job.
You don’t have to set an initial value for your controller.
10.0% sends CC1=12 (or 13), 100.0% sends CC1=127.
You can preset 10 values which will cover the range.

If you really need every value of the range, one “workaround” would be to use Expression Map for each. But that’s a very bad approach as you’ll need to create an articulation for every value (128). If you use Expression Maps for almost nothing else, it could do the job, otherwise you could end up having to create needlessly thousands of slots to cover all your combinations.


Ha - thanks SteveInChicago for a sterling splice-rename-repost job!

And thanks for the response TheMaestro, while writing within the score editor I would not need every value, so what you suggest might just do the job.
But I’m wondering then if it might lead to awkwardness in the next phase - when all the notes are in and I move to the key editor to input/tweak more nuanced CC curves.
If in the score editor a passage is set to pp (I’m guessing a pretty low percentage) what happens when I then start subsequently drawing in curves? Will the sound always be that set percentage of wherever a CC curve is at a given point? So if, say, pp is 10% and therefore corresponds to a CC1 level of 12, if I then start drawing a curve in a controller which maybe dips to a CC1 level of 50, will the output effectively be a CC1 level of 5?
Or does adding, say, pp to a score mean a CC ‘block’ automatically gets drawn into the controller lane at level 12?

Thanks :slight_smile:

What would you have against having the Score Editor open in its own window, and the Key Editor visible in the Lower Zone of the project window?

Yeah, that’s how I’ve got my windows arranged now - and I’m getting used to it.
It’s just slightly clunky! When I have my full score displayed in Score Editor, it would be great if when I have a stave selected I automatically see that staves midi track activated in the key editor.
I always work in full score, and I always dart from stave to stave as I write. If I’m wanting to put basic CC levels in as I’m writing on a selected stave, I have to go to the right where I keep my narrowed Project Window, double click on the relevant midi track there, and then that track appears in the lower zone beneath - and then I enter a CC level.
It’s doable but like I said it would be really useful if the ‘active’ stave could be linked to which midi track appears in the Key Editor. Or it would be easier still if I didn’t have to zip from window to window at all and it could all be done from the Score Editor.
But very possibly the Dynamics Mapping route suggested by The Maestro above might be the way to go. But, on that subject, what about my query before?: If I effectively specify CC levels via Dynamics Mapping will that lead to complications in the subsequent phase when all the notes are in and I’m working in the Key Editor to create nuanced curves, due to Dynamics Mapping being based on percentages not absolute CC levels?


Any more thoughts on this?


Try creating an expression map with your commonly used CCs, but note that those CCs will be blocked if you try to use a hardware controller via midi. Later you can use Merge MIDI in Loop to merge them into the controller lanes, and remove them from the score.

Dynamics mapping won’t work for you here, if you are also adjusting CCs in the midi editors- afaics, you will be endlessly chasing down stuff. When I use D.M. I set the controller or the velocity of everything affected to 64.

Thanks SteveInChicago,

Yeah that’s what I figured.
I won’t be creating the suggested Expression Maps as I’ve already created extensive Expression Maps just for all my Hollywood Orchestra articulation patches - if I do further maps for multiple different CC levels for each of those patches my brain will probably explode!
But thanks anyway.
I’ll find my way! :slight_smile:

Oh, and I see theMaestro already suggested that too. :blush: