Specify default audio mixdown Output channel

Is there a way to tell Cubase to always check the main stereo output channel when doing an export mixdown to audio? It’s a minor thing but I do a lot of exporting of ideas in new project windows. Every time I start a new project it forgets the output channel I specified for the mixdown.

Muchly appreciated.


Are you starting these new project windows using a template? That might help.

But for me though, the mixdown menu is always set to the last channel I exported to. This usually is the main stereo output channel but, if I did specify a different track it would be set to that track. Even if opening a different project the mixdown menu is set to what I chose the last time I did a mixdown. I hate that behavior as I want Cubase to always save these settings per project. It doesn’t. :frowning:

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks for the reply. I’ll suspect it is due to using a template each time I open a project. However since it’s empty (no events), I can’t access the mixdown menu to change it to my main stereo output and then save the template. Not a big worry, I can handle it knowing in essence what the likely issue is. Then it becomes a problem of how lazy I am to create an event, change the output for mixdown, delete the event and all files from the pool, and re-save as template.