Specify instrument during a rest?

I have a drum set part that I needed a piano cue in so they would know where there entrance is. I added a marimba instrument to the player just so I could add the cue, but now the part starts with a treble clef and key signature as if the drummer needs to count 14 measures of rest at a marimba then play drums the rest of the piece. Is there any way I can tell Dorico to display a percussion clef at the beginning and no key signature, then display the treble clef for the cue?

Try adding something on the drum set staff at the start of bar 1, such as a note that you then set to be stemless (select it in Engrave mode and activate the ‘Hide stem’ property) and that you then scale down to almost invisible size (set ‘Custom scale’ to 1% in Properties), and switch it into one of the “extra” voices that isn’t padded with rests (Edit > Percussion > Change Voice > Extra Up-stem Voice).