Specify which montage track the CD Wizard should affect?

I have a montage with two tracks, and I’m unable to specify which track I’d like the CD Wizard to operate on. I’m trying to add CD markers at clip boundaries, and no matter what I do, the Wizard operates on one of the tracks and I can’t get it to work on the other track. I’ve tried (1) re-ordering the tracks, (2) selecting the track I would like changed, (3) selecting the clips on that track and (4) muting the other track. But none of these things alters which track the CD Wizard works against. It always acts on the longer of the two tracks, which for me is the wrong one.

I can work around the problem. It’s just inconvenient. Is it possible to specify which track the CD Wizard should operate on?

If anyone’s curious why I’m doing this, it’s because I have both large, raw .wav files and also 20-odd CD tracks that were made from those raw .wavs many years ago. I want to re-do the CD using the original .wav files. A quick way to set up the CD track splits is to line up both sets of files on separate montage tracks, add markers at the boundaries of all of the CD clips, and then attach those markers to the clips on the other track. Then I can remove the track with all of the CD clips and everything is more or less lined up for me.

Just to note something else strange, if I delete the last of the large, raw clips on that montage track, which makes it the shorter of the two tracks, then the CD Wizard will operate on the other track with all of the smaller clips, which is what I want … but it only applies markers to some of the clips: the ones that are directly above the raw clip that I deleted from the other track. None of the other clips get markers, except that the Wizard adds a CD track start at the very beginning of the first clip. Weird, right?

With the exception of a Reference Track, I can’t think of a way to make the CD Wizard ignore any certain track. Can you post a screen shot of what CD Wizard settings you’re using?

I use the attached setting for basically every project and I can’t think of a time when it would ignore clips on just a certain Audio Montage track.

Thanks. My CD Wizard settings are identical to yours (I add auto-naming, sometimes).

I want to amend one thing I said above: when I remove the last clip of the longer track, the CD Wizard attaches the CD start marker to the first clip of that track, and the remaining markers to the clips of the other track. That’s image 2 below.

Here are three screenshots if that helps anyone to visualize this:

  1. Both tracks in full. Markers attached to the bottom track.

  1. Both tracks but the “wrong” one made shorter than the “right” one. Start marker attaches to the bottom track; the rest to the top track

  1. CD Wizard working as expected on the top track when the bottom track has been removed.

Is the 2nd/lower track a Reference Track or muted? That’s all I can think of at this time.

Maybe PG has an idea.

No, neither track is muted or a reference track. But muting the “wrong” track or soloing the “right” one doesn’t make a difference that I can tell.

The CD Wizard is designed to handle all CD tracks. Else you better have to enter the CD markers manually and directly in the montage, without going through the CD Wizard dialog.

Thanks, PG, but I don’t understand your reply.

Is the Wizard supposed to put CD track markers at every clip boundary on every track in a montage? If so, it’s not doing that.

What is it supposed to do with a multi-track montage that has several clips on each track?

Markers are not per track. A marker is global to all montage tracks. If you have eg. 3 clips at the same position and of the same size on 3 montage tacks, only one pair of markers (begin/end) will be created.
If you have overlapping clips, the CD wizard can’t decide for you where to insert markers.

Circling back to this.

I think a great feature would be to have the CD Wizard have a dropdown menu to specify which track in the montage to auto create the markers…