Specralayers 8 - activation issue

Hi all, i have just downloaded spectralayers 8 with a Sound Forge Pro bundle but cannot activate it.
Can anyone help me with this issue please?
Thank you in advance.

Did you install it using the Steinberg Download Assistant ?
Then you need to activate it using the Steinberg Activation Manager.

Hi Robin, thank you for responding and yes I’ve now managed to sort it with the process you’ve just mentioned.
It’s been years since I messed around with a DAW or any related software.
What added to the confusion was that in the bundle from Magic com they gave me the Spectralayers 8 program but when I checked the email thoroughly it should of been version 9 Pro which is now fully installed.
Is there any good reason I shouldn’t now uninstall version 8?
Thank you so much for your help.

Kind regards,

If you have SpectraLayers Pro 9 fully installed and activated on your computer (it shows “Pro” when you launch it or when you see the About dialog) then you can safely uninstall version 8.

Thanks again, will check.