Spector, Prologue and Mystic can't be deleted

Hi, I removed and deleted everything from Spector, Prologue and Mystic files, but there are still in the instruments list and they can open and play.

There is nothing about them in the location of the path in ‘‘Plug-in Information’’.
I write the name of the instruments in the windows search, but ther e is nothing about them.

What i should do?

Thank you


You can find the path in the VST Plug-in Manager.

Hi, yes i found the path, but in their path there is nothing about them, because i delete their files, but these 3 instruments are still in cubase instruments list, they can open and play their sound.

I just want to delete them to free some space but they can’t be deleted.


Can you attach a screenshot, where we would see the VST Plug-in Manager window, with the instrument selected, the Plug-in information shown (to see the path) and other Finder/Windows File Explorer window with the given folder open, so we can verify, there is no plug-in in the given folder, please?

Just checked mine and they sit (on windows) within a single file:
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 11\VST3\SynthEngine.vst3

It’s 16mb. So, You’re not really saving much space by deleting,

If you don’t want them showing, it’s probably just easier to hide them and you won’t be butchering the base install then, either:-

Your choice, obviously.

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