Spector reloads extremely loud.


  1. Create an empty, new, and simple project.
  2. Create an Instrument Track with Spector and load the Chainsaw Lead Preset.
  3. Put some notes on the MIDI track.
  4. Create a Rack Instrument with Spector (and an associated MIDI track) and load the preset Deep Shift.
  5. Put some notes on the MIDI track.
  6. See that it plays normally and comfortably.
  7. Save the project, close it, then reload it. TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN!
  8. Press play and observe or slightly increase volume to hear the Deep Shift playing very loudly and distorted.

Seems to only happen here if there are TWO instances of Spector in the project. Not sure about other presets and whether the Instrument Track or Rack Instrument actually matters. The fix is to load a different preset then go back to Deep Shift. But if you save again (or don’t save) then reload, it is loud again.

Can anyone confirm?

Tried both Track Instruments and both Rack Instruments and it still did it. Tried a few other presets and so far only the Deepshift preset does it. I also checked the settings on the synth before and after and they appear to be the same.

I have this issue too, cubase pro 9.5 win pro 10 64

Thanks for checking. I don’t think it is just the preset because I even tried resaving the Deepshift preset as a user preset and it still happens.