Spectra Layers 8 download availiable - no info on steinberg yet

just seen 8 is to download.

im guessing not a free upgrade, but as yet no info on pricing on steinbergs site whats the upgrade pricing?


ah nevermind the site just seems to of updated

I’ll re-explore this issue after the first patch, at the earliest. :grinning:

that is not the one with the 20% discount, it is on the bottom of this page;

i dont see 20% off at the bottom that that page, still shows at ÂŁ68 upgrade price

strange, i am in the netherlands, perhaps an EU thingy…

in the email the discount is mentioned.

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ah if i add to basket it does reduce the price to ÂŁ55


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aha, i didn’t do that, add to basket, it is normal, of course, so on KVR, i have already misinformed people… i gonna change that…

it works! nice discount! and yes, it is already running…

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running fine here too only thing is why change the steinberg icon scheme from standard red/white to pink/white!

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The Steinberg icon scheme will progressively change as new versions of the other softwares are released as well.


yes! i couldn’t find the icon… until in start i saw, it was changed… so… o well…

the cost of progress…

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ok thanks!