Spectra Layers Cubase strange "strg+z" behavior

Hi there,
I was working on some audio files in Cubase 13.0.40 and tried to load SpectraLayers 10 on the track to see how it will sound with noise reduction.

Since I was happier without it, I hit “Strg+z” and thought it was gone, but now the file would just play on top of the SpectraLayers playback, just I couldn’t turn it of anymore, bc SpectraLayers of course wasn’t there anymore.
I recorded a video to show it.
While recording I found out, that that doesn’t happen if you remove the ARA Plugin from the track first, but that is no soultion to the actual problem and is also much slower to do.

Win11, Cubase 13.0.40
SpectraLayers Pro 10.0.50

(on english keyborad it would be “Ctrl+z”)

The issue is fixed with the upcoming Cubase 13.0.50