Spectral Analysis crashes Cubase 9.5.40

After the 9.5.40 update, Cubase Pro crashes when using the spectral analysis. Can anybody confirm this bug?


Already discussed here and crashlog sent to Steinberg.

But actually I prefer a new thread over the mess up.

Btw, I still can’t reproduce it. Could you provide more details about the file you were analysing, please?

it is all about analysing standard stereo audiofiles (WAV, 24bit 48kHz).
As long as I use these options, it works

  • 4096 (can be changed without crash)
  • 512 (can be changed without crash)
  • no window
  • normalized values checked
  • mono-mix from stereo

otherwise not…

UPDATE: all mono-modes seem to work fine, it looks like that the only problem is, when I try to analyse it in stereo-mode