Spectral Centroid

A rather scientific question: Are you aware of any DAW or a plugin capable of calculating (or even showing on a spectrogram) spectral centroid (frequency mass center)? This value could be basically used as a measure of brightness of a given mix and it is actually utilized in automatic mastering tools (e.g. LANDR). I was hoping that WaveLab’s Global Analysis → Find Average Pitch calculates exactly this measure, but after some testing, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Of course, I could use Python/Librosa to calculate and plot the spectral centroid. Just asking whether this feature is already available in a more user-friendly form.

Thanks for any hint!

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It could be a good addition to the WaveLab Spectrometer. I note the idea.


It would be fantastic, Philippe!

The idea of this measure is analogous to the concept of integrated loudness, but for the frequency domain. Moreover, its calculation is quite straightforward. These facts make me wonder why it has not been adopted yet in commercial software. It would be great if WaveLab would be the first!

Thank you :smiley:

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