Spectral Comparison EQ Missing

Hi all.

I just upgraded from 10 pro to 10.5 pro. I’m missing the Spectral Comparison EQ.
Also no Padshop 2 but I think that’s a separate download from the Steinberg site.

Any ideas please?



Could you attach a screenshot of your Channel Settings window, please?

Here you go.
I guess the new EQ is part of the channel strip and not a separate plugin.
Is that correct?


You are right, it’s part of the Channel Settings window. On the top of the EQ section, you can see the blue and the red rectangle. Here you can set the routing, actually, which track do you want to compare with.

There is a nice demo at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDFG-DxpwVU

Show of hands. Anyone notice why dogeatdogg couldn’t tell that the Spectral Comparison EQ feature wasn’t readily presenting itself, when he initially opened the Channel Settings Editor?
Comes under the heading of failure to initially provide default labels on the drop downs. Doesn’t it?