Spectral edits for multiple files

Yeterday i asked in the facebook group if its possible to make spectral edits to multiple tabbed files in WL11 pro. Applying same correction to all open files in tabs.Seems is not implemented in Wavelab.
From what i read in the manual tabed files work for other puposes.
Please consider to add this function into WL in the future. It is veryuseful when applying spectral correction to multiple microphones at once for example.

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I think you’re looking for something like RX Composite View which as far as I know, does not exist in WaveLab, but I could be wrong;

Not directly, but there is a helper to achieve this: see picture and manual:

Thanks Justin. Thats exactly what i was trying to achieve. Thanks for your reply.
Hi @PG1 , thanks for your reply, i will try that. Is it possible to lets say apply a gain reduction to a small part of one tab and that be applied to all open tabs ?
That would be amazing :smiley:

No. You have to switch to each tab and apply the change. But at least the audio selection will be ready for you.
What you request, is a future plan.

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i´m very glad that is on the WL plans :wink: Thanks.