Spectral layers 10 cubase 12 integration

Hi, recently I upgrade from spectral layers 8 to 10, but in cubase 12 pro I see the version 9 as extention, can somebody help me to integrate the vesion 10 in cubase 12 pro.

  1. Uninstall all SpectraLayers versions
  2. Install SpectraLayers Pro 10
    This should do the trick. If it doesn’t, please screenshot what you see in Cubase.
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Thanks. It works now

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Just upgraded to 12 .70… spectralayers dissapeared as an extention… why ? why???

What version of SpectraLayers and what OS ? What happens if you reinstall SpectraLayers ?

Good afternoon. I bought Cubase 12 pro and when I install Spectralayer 10 it asks me for a license. If I have already paid for the Cubase license and it is integrated in the program, why does it ask me for another license? Can you help me? Thanks


@asociacionmusarte Only SpectraLayers One 9 is included with Cubase Pro 12. If you want SpectraLayers 10, you need to buy a SpectraLayers Pro 10 or SpectraLayers Elements 10 license.

Thank you very much. I thought that since the installer was in the Steinberg download assistant, it was included.

I’m running into other problems, I’m downloading the plugins and sounds that come in cubase but the folders are empty or come with installers, when the assistant is supposed to install them already. could you help me?

Sorry I can only help with SpectraLayers issues.

I’m actually having the same problem. I had all the instruments and samples installed and everything worked great. Now, for some reason, all my steinberg instrument folders are empty, and I can’t use Halion because it can’t locate the instruments or sample libraries. I didn’t move anything or delete anything, the content just disappeared somehow. I’m in the process of deleting the empty folders to avoid confusion in the future, and I’m reinstalling everything that’s missing. Not sure if that’s helpful at all, but you’d be in “good” company, if I was good.

Are you sure they´re not hidden in those folders? Have you recently updated OS? What OS are you running?

Not sure if that was a question to me, but I’m having this problem on Version 13.5.1 (22G90) on the M2 Ultra.

I only have Cubase pro 11, if I buy the SpectraLayer 10 will it work with Cubase 11

Yes, you can use SpectraLayers 10 with Cubase 10 or higher (and Cubase 11 or higher to benefits from layer drag and drop back into Cubase) :

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