Spectral Layers 7.0.30 Update out on Download manager

BlockquoteMarch 2021
This version contains the following improvements and issue
Issues resolved
Fixed an issue where zooming or panning gesture on Apple MacBook trackpads
kept going because of momentum.
Unmixing stems on projects with a sample rate lower than 44.1kHz no longer
renders the application unreliable.
Deleting a time range selection at the beginning of a project, then performing
another action and undoing it no longer renders the application unreliable.
Importing a second layer by drag and drop, then performing an action and
undoing it no longer removes the imported layer.
Editing both mono and stereo files in ARA mode no longer plays files from the
active project only.
A new entry has been added to the menu bar in ARA mode that displays
notifications such as the availability of a new maintenenace update.




I Thanks you, Much!!

Thank-you @krevvy .

Have been checking the usual download link regularly and yesterday night did my check too, so the creation of this thread must have been quite coincidental with the update upload. Thanks Krevvy.

As always, the update fixes and additions log is located at the Version History, inside the same download page.