Spectral Layers One: Drag & drop audio not working / error


Posted an issue on the Cubase 11 main site, but had no responses - but it may be best placed here (admin please advise if not the case?).

When I drag layers e.g. unmixed vocal stems into the Cubase project window, I get an “error message: Medium type not supported or invalid medium”. I have tried different file types, MP3, WAV etc but issue persists. I did previously have a trial version of Spectral Layers 7 Pro, so not sure if that has anything to do with it however, the correct version of Spectral Layers One with latest build is present in the editor window.

I have since found an effective workaround using render-in place.

Not sure if this is specific to my set-up (OS Mojave 10.14.6) and if so, likely fix or is more a general issue?

PS. Spectral Layers is a v.powerful tool, particularly the un-mix tools - I have RX8 - and Spectral Layers is more effective and prefer its non-destructive / layering way of working. So will look to take advantage of the cross-grade offer for the Pro version at some point in the near future.

Would you be able to make a video capture if the issue ?

I just dragged a demixed vocal from One into C 11, no problems. I am on Win 10.


Hi Robin,

Here is an (updated) link to video capture as requested.

Many thanks



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Hi Robin,

Any thoughts / updates? I have since upgraded to SL Pro, re-installed but same issue persists.


Managed to solve this - which is Mac OS idiosyncrasy. Within the system preferences for Spectral Layers two of the file paths (Cache & External Edits Path) - did not have sharing permissions granted to my user name. Changing this within finder via get info and adding read & write permissions to my user profile solved this.


Thanks ColinMc321! This also seems to work under Windows 10. I had an critical error when launching spectral layers in Cubase. After this fix it worked just fine!

I want to thanks Colin, Doomguy, Magnus for collaborating in this issue.
I had the same problem and I do not waste my time trying to reach Steinberg tech support because I had so many bad experiences with them. You guys gave me some ideas and I was able to get it to work. Besides the sharing of those temporary files I also had to work on Win10 defender rules, allowing Cubase, Wavelab, Spectraleyers to be and exception.
Thank you guys !!

I have the same with SL Pro. But this fix doex not work on my MAc