Spectral view in Audio Editor

A spectrogram view would be a nice addition to view waveforms in the Audio Editor. As can be seen in the mockup, there’s lots of frequency data that can be made visible with a spectral view, so it’s not just for eye candy.

What it could look like:

You’ve got WL for that sort of thing.

Or… get Izotope RX6 Elements for $29 and get an even better Spectral Editor than in WL.

Edison in in FL does it. DP does it. Not sure why I should get more software to view a waveform differently.

@djw we have similar view at Cubase after fl studio.
Your request is great, but, i afraid it will be reproduce not in right logical way.

Anyway, +1 for this!

Yep, while most people focus on Studio One or Pro Tools, I think there’s a lot to learn from FL. I’m not sure what could go wrong with implementing this, but I understand your worry there too.

Heh heh … that’s exactly what I did! Got fed up waiting for improvements in the spectral editor in WL.

yeah this would be brillian t- has it been implemente din nuendo yet ? THe question is why do I need different software to do what should happen in one. I would actually find this really useful in nuendo instead of constantly having to open Izotope etc