SpectraLayer 6.0.30 Constantly Freezes


I am working with a single mono track and after I do noise reduction and preview, the SPL freezes. Anyone is experiencing this?

A blank grey rectangle appears on the top on the middle of the SPL window and doesn’t let me do anything after just restart it.


Are you using this as a standalone? Or, as an ARA2 plugin inside of Cubase. I have seen this freezing many times. Most often in standalone mod. Sometimes the freeze will process through to make the program usable without restarting. Sometimes not. I know that is not helpful. But I can look at this a little more.

ah. I looked at your pic. I have not seen the rectangle that is seen in your pic. Perhaps a video card driver issue?

Yes, I am using it sltandalone.

I have this crash too, though my box looks slightly different. So frustrating. Have to force-quit and restart all the time.

any solutions yet.

I’m on 6.0.30 on a mac pro 10.13.6


I’ve also had this issue - MacOS Catalina.

I was using the trial verison and it seems like a great product otherwise, but I can’t even use it at all.