Spectralayer and Sample Editor in Cubase

Hi all!
I use Spectralayers in Cubase 10 pro via ARA2.
When an audio file in a cubase track is open in SL via Audio>Extensions, an icon on the right corner of the event tell me that I use SL on that part.
All is easy and if I double click again on that audio event the SL window open again.
But what can I do if I need to edit that audio part in the Sample Edito? Is it impossible to open the editor (I need VariAudio, for example), but the part is always “controlled” by Spectralayers now!
Any help?

Thank you!!

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Only one editor can be active at the same time; you would have to select your audio event, and click Audio>Bounce Selection. This will render the modifications from SL into a new waveform, which you can edit with VariAudio for instance. If you need to edit something in SL again, you will then reassign SL onto the event.

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Thank you Robin!!
It would be useful to switch between the editors without bouncing the audio every time!