Spectralayers 1 not opening

So Spectralayers previously opened in my Cubase Pro 11 (so I’m assuming it was Spectralayers 1). So then I got an update is available message. I went to Download Assistant where the only choices are 7 or 6. So I loaded 7. Mistake? Anyway, when I go to it in Cubase, it’s grayed out. I do see the Spectralayers in my VST 3 folder. And in the Info line, sometimes white lettering (when one event is selected), sometimes orange (when multiple events are selected). Thanks for whatever help you can offer.

Spectral Layers is a separate application that uses ARA2 to connect to Cubase
the version available for Cubase is Spectral Layers One 7

if you select the Cubase section in the Steinberg Download Assistant you will find the right version to install

Thanks. I did so. Seems to be okay.

I hope it will stay okay :wink: