Spectralayers 10 and Stream Deck template

Hi peps .
Due to loosing an eye last year ive had to radically rethink my workflow and Spectralayers is one of these programs that i have only really started heavily using in the last couple of years (since V7) .
Learning key commands is quite a challenge now ,so as there are a lot of people are using StreamDecks with their Daw’s i thought i would take time out and carefully build a Spectralayers 10 template for the Steam Deck . It’s quite a bit of work assigning all functions to all key commands but to be honest it’s quite fun to do .
All the menus will be in their own folders with all icons and all key commands , these will be on the second page to allow you to drag and drop the daily key commands you want to the first page as we all work differently BUT the main point is ALL menu functions will be mapped and categorized the same as SL10 .
The only thing is ,you will have to install my key command template to make the SD template work to its full extend , most of the original key commands are still as standard so it should be too bad .
I will make both templates free to downloads and use in this forum once finished .
Im only a novice with the Stream deck so it’s nothing fancy BUT all key commands are assigned per function which is the important part .
Please let me know what you think or if you have any tips im open to suggestions


Display folder finished

Good work. I was thinking of buying a stream deck for Cubase, Vegas etc. Might do one day.

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It’s well worth it , it’s not until you start building your own key command template you realise what a work flow enhancer it is , my advice would be to go for the an XL due to certain folders like processes still need folders inside for the extra 9 features but it’s great , i’ve filled the first screen on my Cubase profile , it’s so useful . You don’t have to switch profiles , it automatically will open the commands for the program you are using … :wink:

I can highly advise a software called Elephant, if you use Windows and have a multi-button mouse. Kind of the same thing as stream deck, just all on the mouse. It also allows mapping of a Surface Dial to anything you can click or assign keys to. Amazing software, but poorly marketed so not well used.

Errrmmm this thread is about Stream Deck profiles , nothing else , feel free to start your own thread with recommendations

My intention for including it in a reply was simply because it’s also a very useful solution for those of us with poor eyesight as it moves mouse cursor orientated workflow to something physical you can touch and feel with feedback that’s all. No point putting it in a dedicated thread to reply to you really imo?

Stream deck has NOTHING to do with MOUSE key command software . just in case you haven’t read it properly this is about making a template for the stream deck and sharing it free of charge for those with stream decks , what don’t you understand ?

Chill out dude, why you being so aggressive, we’re all on the same page in here! Both can achieve the same end result, I use a Steam Deck and Elephant and they’re both really productive for workflow in very similar ways. Jeez!

Then start your own thread , simple isn’t it . I’m not being aggressive im merely stating a fact of what this thread’s about and your post is not relevant to a Stream deck template , unless your going to offer your template ?

They’re both solutions to map menu options, mouse, key clicks and hotkeys/macros to physical buttons to operate software. I find them both really useful probably for the same reasons you do so why I decided to reply. Next time I’ll remember you like to be the forum police ; )

Go away Sam .

This looks like an interesting template and thanks for the info.
Did this move on? and if so, is there a download for this (paid or free)?

Hi Gwc
Yes it’s totally free , i have mapped nearly all Key commands of Spectralayers 10 to my StreamDeck .
There are two files in the Zip , the streamdeck profile which you need to import and the SL10 Kc’s that you need to import so you need to save the Key commands you have at the moment just in case you don’t like the template but this is a HUGE time saver

I must add , if you do install these you do so at your own risk

SL Streamdeck.zip (1.1 MB)

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Hi there, BasicUser

Aah… Thank you so much… You are a top fellow… :+1::grin:

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My pleasure

I hope it helps , i just advise to back up before hand but all works very well here .

Enjoy ,let us know how you get on

I will let you know, but it will be a few days. I’ve got a new PC and just moving everything over.
A lot of work !!


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Cool beans .
Good luck with the transfer

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