Spectralayers 10 Pro Distorts badly when I load a known-good MP3

Hello! I have SpectraLayers 10 Pro and when I import an MP3, then play the SLP, the sound is badly badly distorted. It’s the kind of distortion you might hear if you are overdriving a small headphone set with too much volume.

The source MP3 sounds just fine when playing in the Windows 11 media player. I am running SLP natively (not in a Cubase project, etc).

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. Suggestions welcome!

System Specs: Win 11 Pro, 12th gen i9, 64 GB RAM, > 8 TB SSD capacity, Nvidia 3080, Cubase 13 Pro, Spectralayers 10 Pro


I had neglected to set my audio interface. SLP10 was trying to play through WASAPI something-something, which always makes it sound like mush.

Now it sounds superb! Off to funville for me now. I’m going to unmix something and learn how to play the individual parts, woohoo!

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Since you have a 3080, don’t forget to activate GPU acceleration in Edit > Preferences > System, this will unmix 10 times faster than your CPU :slight_smile: