Spectralayers 10 pro playback cursor not moving during playback

It occures sometimes and I can’t understand the cause. Applying GIF.

Same Problem here. This way, spectralayers is pretty much unusable in ara mode for me :disappointed_relieved:

@Patrick_Stiller @bihappy I wasn’t able to repro the issue. What platform is this ? (OS/Cubase version).
Is there a specific step by step that repro that issue ?

My Specs are as followed:
Windows 11 Pro 22H2 (22621.2428)
Cubase 12 12.0.70 Build 464
SpectraLayers 10.0.30 Build 334

Unfortunately there is no step by step repro. I have some vocald recordings in my project. I’m loading SL10 onto the events as extensions and the cursor isn’t moving within SL10 as shown in the GIF above.
I#m not absolutly shure but I guess that it startet when installing the latest SL10 version.

Little Update: I currently upgraded to Cubase 13 and the problem still remains

Would you be able to do a video recording showing how the issue starts ?