SpectraLayers 10 Wrong Speed Playback inside Cubase12

Hi ,
I just updated to the latest Spectralayers v10.0.10
Running it inside Cubase 12
Trying to Unmix a song 3min30sec
Perform unmix and it’s playing back slow
The last 20 seconds is missing .

Any clues as to why this is happening ? Makes no sense at all !

I’ll try SL as standalone , but really would prefer it running inside Cubase12 .

Thanks , Michael

Yes, please let me know if it works with the same file within the standalone.
Regarding your Cubase project:
-what exact version of Cubase are you using, on what platform ?
-what’s the sample rate of your Cubase project ?
-what’s the sample rate of the audio file you’re unmixing ?
What you describe sounds like a sample rate conversion issue in the ARA protocol.

Hi Robin ,
Thanks for getting back .
Everything system and clip is at 44.1Khz

The standalone SL10 works fine .

I’m using laptop Win10 Pro v22H2
i7 3Ghz 16Gb RAM
Cubase v12.0.7 Build 464

So in Cubase I can’t seem to select audio range for the clip , I assume it
autoselects that from the clip anyway .
Yes it sounds like the wrong samplerate but where ?


update .
Apologies Robin , my mistake .
It was an old Cubase v2 project which I just noticed had 48K project sample rate .
( but 44.1K files hmm )
so SL was merely following instructions .
I’ll delete this thread shortly .

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